“These people will useless you, find a gud husband” – Nigerian lady disheartened, reveals what a politician told her after indicating interest in joining politics

Motun, a Nigerian lady, shared her disheartening encounter with a prominent politician who discouraged her from joining politics.

Motun took to Twitter on Monday, July 17, to narrate the incident that left her feeling discouraged and dispirited.

Motun revealed that she expressed her interest in politics to her father, who promptly provided her with the contact information of one of his politician friends.

Eager to explore her passion, Motun wasted no time and dialed the politician’s number the very next day. She introduced herself and bravely made her request known.

However, the response she received from the politician was far from encouraging

She wrote;

“I told my Dad I have interest in Politics, he gave me one of his friend’s contact who is a politician. I called him the next day, introduced myself & my request, he said “Omo mi, these people will useless you, find a gud husband, do ur PhD and think about it again” My heart sank.”

Adding to the discouragement, the politician advised Motun to focus on finding a suitable husband and pursuing a PhD before reconsidering her decision to enter politics.

Motun was deeply affected by these remarks, as she expressed that her heart sank upon hearing the politician’s dismissive words.

Netizens Reactions…

@Anonymous said; “Try being one of their PA’s even if he is a pastor, you’ll either run or join them in the sexcapades. It’s as of it’s a curse or a cult, most good people become demons as politicians.”
@Anonymous said; “He did not lie to you or discourage you. He told you the truth! Not to discourage you, but I tired, all they wanted to do was try to bed me. The women in politics need to step up and mentor women interested in politics and not telling them how great they are or seeking “mummyship”, or hold my bag for me status!”

@TheMan said; “You all can’t handle the truth.”

@Anonymous said; “You won’t blame him. Politics is dirty. He is only trying to help you.”

@Stunner said; “Word!!”

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