“There are some secrets that must follow us to the grave” – Mr. Macaroni

Popular skitmaker and content creator, Adebayo Adedayo, better known by his stage name Mr. Macaroni has argued not every piece of information is advisable to share with others.

While he admitted individuals could open up to one another about certain information, the comedian insisted that their are some classified ones which must never be revealed to anyone.

“There are some secrets that must follow us to the grave,” he tweeted.

His remark generated mixed reactions from his fans and followers with some in favour of it and the other against it.

@Official_Isaaco tweeted: “Some people’s mouths have diarrhea, they just can’t die with any secret.

@holorunbiggest said: “Not for people like me. I don’t hide things or keep secrets.”

@Bewhatyoubebro wrote: “Not me though. Set me up with like 3 dimes of chicks, a Backwood and some chill whiskey and I’ll spill out everything in my brain.”

@nnaezema stated: “Absolutely, some secrets are like the silent guardians of our deepest experiences, meant to remain untold and hidden forever.”

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