“Some ladies find peaceful relationships boring” – Kingsley Okonkwo explains why

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has explained why some women find peaceful and loving relationships boring.


He took to X to share a personal experience that helped him to arrive at the realization.


He wrote: “Now I understand why some ladies find a peaceful and loving relationship boring.


“So last year I had to stay in America for 6 weeks straight because of our 10 city tour,  my children were with us so it felt like we lived in America.


“I was driving home to our accommodation one night and it felt really boring, no policemen doing illegal stops, no touts , no meaningless and mysterious traffic….


“No potholes, no one driving on wrong side of the road, no one crossing the highway dangerously or hawking …mehn it felt weird and boring.


“And it hit me, if you are used to abuse or drama you will find a peaceful and drama free relationship boring, if you are used to trouble peace will be awkward.”

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