Soludo declares compulsory free education from nursery to JSS3 and reduces fee for senior students

Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo has announced free and compulsory education from nursery to Junior Secondary School (JSS 3) in government schools in the state.

He made this known while visiting Premier Primary School, Obosi, Idemili North Council Area, on Thursday, Sept. 21.

Soludo said that his administration was passionate about actualizing an all-inclusive education and that no child from nursery to JSS 3 should be charged school fees or any other fees to acquire education in the state.

He said: “The aim is to go back to the basics when education was used as the equalizer, such that children from poor and rich backgrounds will attend the same school and compete favourably.”

He added that children of school age would no longer be deprived of access to quality education and that education from nursery to JSS was free and compulsory in the state.
“This will increase the access of children to basic education and to ensure the fullest development of personality, talents, and mental and physical abilities of our children,” he said.

Soludo noted that his administration would not look into anyone who fails to comply with the new policy.

The free and compulsory education policy is not just for tuition but every other dues and levies running into thousands of Naira for students per term.

He stated that the new policy is enshrined in the constitution that the state must provide free basic education where practicable.

“In Anambra, our greatest resource is our human capital. This is why our administration is taking intentional steps and making strategic investments into our public education. We have today declared that no nursery, primary or Junior Secondary School student must pay any fee, dues or levy going forward.” Governor Soludo said.

The governor also announced that the state government has reduced tuition fees for senior secondary school students (SSS 1 – 3) from between 8,000 to 12,000 Naira per term, depending on the school, to a flat rate of 5,000 Naira for all, with no other fee, levy, or dues attached.

He explained that the fee is to be collected by the schools for operational purposes, not remitted to the government.

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