”So you ended a relationship because of tithe?” – Reactions as lady reveals how she ended things with a man who doesn’t pay tithe

Devoted Christian lady shares story of how she had to cut things off with a sweet man, whose company she enjoyed, because he did not believe in the doctrine of paying tithe.

She took to her page on the microblogging platform, X, @theblack_tomi, where she narrated the incidence.

According to her, they had been chatting for a while so the energy to meet up was very high.

She had done her nails, made her hair, prepared well in order to look her best because she was already giddy from their online interactions.

Before the date, she prayed that if it wasn’t meant for her, God should end it early, but she still hoped he was the one because she thought he was sweet.

However, when she asked for his opinion on tithing during the date, he revealed he doesn’t do it because he believes it is overrated.

Even though she continued laughing and talking to him until the end of the date, she already knew that was a dead end for her.

Her tweet below…….

Some reactions to her post here

@FAbasiama asked: “So you people now end relationships because of tithe? Wata bombshell”

@bellasesandy exclaimed: “Jesus, so you mean you concluded that a man is dead end all becos he doesn’t believe in tithing 😮😮😮😮!!!! It is well, Christian’s we need to do better.”

@Elchukx wrote: “Another one from those who are more Christian than even Christ himself… man dodged himself a bullet.”

@IfeKiisha said: “I see y’all coming for her. She’s well in her right to not date the guy further. People have the right to hold on to what’s important to them”

@G_Samito added: “I thank God that Christianity never makes me a dumb person. Fun fact is the guy might be a better person and philanthropist than you… but because he’s not packing his own to one person… all these rogbodiyan.
Lmao you was the dead end sis. He dodged you.”

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