“She’s always pointing at me” – Man surprised as mentally challenged woman’s little daughter calls him daddy (Video)

A man with the handle @obitunez1 on TikTok was surprised to see a mentally challenged woman’s daughter pointing at him and calling him daddy.

He narrated that he had just left his studio when he observed the child looking at him with a sweet smile on her face.

While smiling at him, she pointed at him as her mentally challenged mother sat beside her by the roadside.

The kid asked to visit the young man who obliged and welcomed her into his house. He treated her to a meal and bought food for her before asking questions about her name and other details about her.

After a short while, the happy girl took the food to her mother, who resided close to a refuse dump. She however continued to express her excitement by pointing at him and waving.

Obi narrated:

“A mad woman’s daughter calling me daddy. On this Sunday morning, I decided to come out of my studio to catch some air.

“I saw this girl looking at me and smiling. The girl wanted to spend time with me, as she kept saying, ‘Uncle, can I come up?’ I said, ‘Okay, no problem, you can come up.’

“I didn’t have much on me, so I just bought a few things, and she went to give them to her mother. We went back upstairs, took some pictures, and I gave her my phone to watch cartoons.”

@Raymond 942 reacted: “Is the mother really mad or they are just homeless? because I saw her waved at you in thanks.”

@Kelvinoffical said: “Pls take care of her I can support you.”

@Mams oma7 reacted: “My brother grab the blessing give her things no matter how little mostly food and clothes and see what lord will do for you.”

@balekeys isach said: “No matter how your mother is or how she looks like, she will always be your dear mom.”

@veechi77 said: “Open doors of blessings shall locate you.”

@Missbliss commented: “She’s so beautiful.”

@theophilusamoah38 said: “There’s a blessing around the corner for you. God bless you.”

Watch the video below:



♬ original sound – Obitunez Okoro

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