Reactions as Spyro emails Portable, requests collaboration on a new song

Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter Portable expressed excitement as Spyro reportedly sent him an email requesting a feature in a new song.

This information was shared in a post on a popular social media platform. The post, captioned “Portable said Spyro wants to feature him on a song. He sent an email to Portable. In this life, just learn to be humble,” included a video of the singer.

In the video, Portable sang for a while before revealing that Spyro had sent him an email requesting a feature. He smiled and promised to deliver his best verse for the song.

The video of Portable and the potential feature with Spyro attracted attention on social media, with many individuals storming the comment section to share their thoughts.

Here are some reactions below:

@tundemoore_xx: “Funniest thing, he might not send Portable any mail but want him to reply so wahala go sup.”

@ElhadjAfellay: “He won run tap out of portable international recognition Osunmo Grammy.”

@floraD_explorer: “Portable still dey try to remind am of his comment a while back. Jus be humble for this life o.”

@i_am_dagos: “Portable no sabi pa mi sile ma pi sita…..he will talk everything from the beginning.”

@Ralphdegrea8: “Portable is actually a top artiste not minding all this his ways sometimes….I like him.”

@hairspee: “He good as portable sef cast am now shebi na for podcast himself don talk say portable no fit sing him type of music.”


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