“People feel I am being overprotective by not allowing my daughter use a phone until she’s 16” – Bisola Aiyeola reveals (Video)

Big Brother Naija reality star and actress Bisola Aiyeola has opened up on the judgment she receives for her parenting skills.

In the latest episode of Mums Next Door with Maria Chike, Bisola revealed that some people felt she was being overprotective by not allowing her daughter to use a phone until she was 16. According to her, she has been very strict with that part of her daughter’s life and had told her 15-year-old daughter she can only have a phone till she is 16.

She stated that people have been judging her as they questioned what if an emergency happened or if it wouldn’t make her be behind her peers in class, but Bisola made them know that she has a laptop for her school work and can always call her friends on Zoom.

Bisola revealed that there was a time she found out her daughter had opened a smart chat account on her laptop, and she had disciplined her by prolonging her phone usage by a year.

“Yes, I have been judged by my parenting skills. So, my daughter turned 15 this year, and she still doesn’t have a phone. I have been pretty strict with that part of her life, and she kind of begged. I told her she wouldn’t have a phone till she was 16, so she still had one more year to go. And people have been asking me, like, what if there is an emergency? Wouldn’t she be behind her pairs and all, but she has a laptop for school work? If her friends need to talk to her, they can call her on Zoom. Sometimes, people feel like I am overdoing it, or I am trying to be overprotective, and I am like, well, that’s your business.

There was a time I found out she opened a smart chat account on a laptop, and I was like, how? I disciplined her, which made me extend her phone usage by a year because she was supposed to get it this year at 15″.

Video below…..

See some reactions below,

One Queen Xee01 wrote, “This is me as a mom

One Primrose Dodo wrote, “Nice one. I wish I had done that with my kids; they got there at 13

One Princess Daprada wrote, “That’s also my school of thought; my child won’t have a phone until 17

One Stripes And Gold Fabrics wrote, “Just do what you think is good for your child. Nothing like being overprotective

One Paul Aeleyi wrote, “As it should. Well done, Bisola, you are a great mum

One Pweetie_IK wrote, “You are not being overprotective. It’s needed. She’s all you’ve got

One Faith Da Bosslady wrote, “I already said this cos social media scares me

One Amazing Rikky wrote, “You are not overprotective darling, my eldest child didn’t use phone till he clocked 18. So his sister won’t use phone till they clock 18”.

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