Patience Ozokwo arouses emotions as she rains prayers on Mercy Johnson for standing by her against all odds and being respectful (Video)

Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwo has aroused emotions from netizens with her heartfelt prayer for her junior colleague, Mercy Johnson Okojie.

In the emotional video, the veteran actress couldn’t hold back her tears as she appreciated Mercy Johnson for always standing by her against all odds.

In the clip, the two were on the set of Mercy Johnson’s second series of In-Laws, which featured the likes of Yvonne Jegede and Patience Ozokwo. Mercy had surprised the veteran actress, who was sitting on a couch, with bundles of cash and brand-new African print materials (wrappers).

Patience, who was taken aback by the grand gesture, showered prayers on her as she recalled how people wanted to break them up, but Mercy had begged for forgiveness while on an aircraft.

She revealed that since they settled, Mercy hasn’t failed to shower her with gifts and money, which has left her in awe of her. Pouring out her heart to Mercy who was kneeling before her, Patience rained prayers on her.

“You have blessed me so much in this life, we quarreled some time, in the aircraft you came out and knelt and begged me forgiveness forgot your business class, and gave me, You have come to see me in the hotel, you have never come empty-handed. What have I done to you? What did see in me?

People wanted to… they saw the blessings that will come through you, they wanted to spoil our relationship and you did not agree and I did not agree, it’s not that I cannot afford this, but you just think of something to do for me, every time.

“People will go out of their way to bless you, In your life you will see good things, anybody that rises against you, God will rise against that person”.

Video below………..

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