Parents burst into tears of joy as their daughter builds them a house

Daughter puts big smiles on the faces of her parents as she erects a beautiful modern house for them.

The hardworking daughter like all responsible children, thought of a way to make her parents proud and she decided to put a permanent roof over their heads and make them house owners.

lady daughter parents house
She erected the house which was built in a modern fashion with spacious rooms.

Her family members gathered at the new house and her parents couldn’t contain their joy and ecstasy for what their daughter had done for them.

Her mother knelt with hands in the air to glorify God for what the daughter did and her father was looking emotional as well.

Netizens reactions …
Aisosa said: “I claim this I go do for my mom soon.”

Yuki baby said: “Your mama twins,d dark woman was so excited,genuine happiness.”

BossQueen_Eweka said: “Awwwn congratulations to them God bless your sis. God pls bless us all edo daughters & sons to do this and more for our parents Amen.”

Jenny said: “congratulations hun my family and I are next in Jesus name AMEN.”

Big SMile said: “Congratulations,please God do my own.”

Jojo Armani said: “Congratulations to sis nd ur parents. Dat knacking part na sure tin.”

Watch video below …


From my big sist to our parents❤️ congratulations to my parents this is lit now una go dey knack well 😂 😂😂😂😂 latest house owner. Make una flex

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