Outrage as man is tied up, beaten with bottles and planks before being thrown in gutter for allegedly being gay in Nigeria (video)

A video of a Nigerian man being beaten in his neighbourhood has sparked outrage.

The video shared on X over the weekend, shows young men publicly humiliating the man whom they accused of being a homosexual.

They tied his hands behind his back as they paraded him through the streets.

The men parading him kept hitting him on the head with planks. Some even broke bottles on his head.


One person suggested they toss him into the gutter and the rest obliged.


The man was pushed into a dirty gutter, while they continued beating him.


Viewers have called out the abusers. They pointed out that rapists, murderers, pedophiles, women beaters and thieving politicians do not receive such treatments, yet they subject adult men in consensual same-sex relationships to such inhumane treatment

Video below……

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