“Oh my love, my sweetheart, see as you fine like fanta” – Little girl uses hype to beg man for money in viral video

A little girl has gone viral with the sweet words and fluidity of speech she used to hype a motorist to give her money.

The child beggar had seen the motorist who had his window turned down and made her move.

She approached him and began using sweet praises in order to warm her way into his heart and pocket.

The little girl effusively hyped him, complimenting him before asking him to drop a little money for her.

All the while, the car occupants kept laughing and cheering her on as they found her words really impressive.

Check out reactions gathered …
@Solexbrown penned: “If you didn’t later show her love omo God supposed take u give us mohbad 🥺”

@zeekesh said: “this girl de romantic pass my ex”

@REEKYBOO❤️🦅 noted: “I swear TikTok is better than university 😂😂💔”

@Sweet Sese remarked: “Nawaooo This girl sabi toast man pass me😂”

@Bluena 💙 opined: “Omo God have giving you wife oo😂😂”

@chukky_babe♥️ asked: “Nor be effurun roundabout be this ??”

@MC Dom 🥒🥒📍 said: “my ex suppose come learn from this girl on how to dey romantic”

Watch video below …


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