”Nobody wants to have sex with me in the US” – Speed Darlington reveals why he prefers Nigeria to US

Musician Speedy Darlington, known for his often controversial remarks, has recently expressed his frustrations over his sex life in the United States.

In a candid video, he revealed his struggles with feeling less like a celebrity in the US compared to Nigeria, particularly highlighting the impact this has on his sexual experiences.

In Nigeria, Darlington pointed out how his celebrity status aids his sexual life. He mentioned that in Nigeria, when he expresses his desire for sexual encounters on social media, he easily finds willing participants. This ease of finding sexual partners, he implies, is directly linked to his fame and recognition in the country.

However, the situation is starkly different in the US. Darlington lamented that despite making similar posts in the US, he receives no responses, leading to a sense of sexual deprivation. This disparity between his experiences in Nigeria and the US has left him feeling frustrated and sexually starved, a sentiment he openly shared in his recent video.

This is not the first time Speedy Darlington has made headlines for his outspoken views. In October, he made a public appeal for someone to gift him a Benz, stating his belief that his celebrity status warranted such gestures. He offered to follow anyone who did this for him for six months, a proposal that was met with skepticism by netizens. Many questioned the value of being followed by him, especially when weighed against the significant gesture of gifting an event. The general consensus was that his offer seemed one-sided and not particularly appealing.

In August, Darlington shared another controversial opinion, stating his preference for dating and marrying a village girl over a wealthy, educated woman. He argued that village girls are easier to control and overall better partners for him. He further elaborated that men and women look for different things in partners; while women might seek out wealthy and educated men, he believed most men would prefer a village girl.

Darlington’s statements about his preference in partners and his views on relationships have often sparked debates. His comments reflect his personal perspectives on gender roles and relationship dynamics, views that are frequently discussed and dissected by his audience and the wider public.

In summary, Speedy Darlington’s recent outburst about his sexual frustrations in the US, coupled with his previous controversial statements, continue to make him a polarizing figure. His candidness in expressing his personal experiences and views, whether about his sexual life, his celebrity status, or his preferences in relationships, keeps him in the spotlight, constantly engaging and often provoking his audience and the media.

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