“No one is leaving this relationship” – Boyfriend says after girlfriend sends breakup message, chats leak

A TikTok video posted by user @chidimmaaaaa1 with a screenshot of her WhatsApp message about breaking up with her boyfriend has gone viral.

Chidimma had pranked her partner by stating she was over their relationship to see what his reaction would be.

She captioned the post, “Pov: you told ur boyfriend you are done.”

After reading the message, her boyfriend’s answer startled her and drew viewers’ attention. He pronounced their love unshakable, referring to them as “super glue,” and affectionately referred to her as his wife.

He ended the message with a sticker of someone kissing, which added a nice finish to the discourse. In his own words;

In his words; “We be super glue. Nobody is leaving. U are my wife.”

Watch the video below…

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