“No one in their families will ever grow old” – Nigerian woman lays curses on wives and children of kidnappers who murdered her husband despite ransom payment

A Nigerian woman, Uba Sandra Chisom, has placed curses on the families of those who kidnapped and murdered her husband, Henry Ifeka. 
Henry was abducted by suspected kidnappers over the holidays and killed despite paying the demanded ransom for his release. 

Taking to Facebook on January 23, 2023, the mother of twins cursed the unknown killers of her husband, saying that every member of their families will never grow old. 
In an earlier post, Sandra revealed that she almost committed suicide because the pain is too much for her to bear. 

“Oh death. Dear sweet Husband !! You were a good man, father, husband and friend…You never allow us to lack anything. You were the best father to your children,” she wrote.
“Now you are no more.  The evil perpetrators forcefully took your life. despite paying ransom and doing their bidding they still k**ill you …God of the widow , don’t sleep ooo.. Fight for me and my innocent children.
“I curse whosoever born of a man or a woman That has a hand in my husband death , till their 7th generations their children will be fatherless, their wife’s will be widows and they will die a painful and untimely death … nothing good will come out from their family
‘Everyday of their lives they will face misery, pains , sorrows and nothing good will ever come near their families….poverty, sorrows and pains will be their other names … all the days of their lives they will shed tears of sorrows, no one in their family will ever grow old so shall it be in JESUS NAME AMEN.” 

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