Nigerian men reacts as lady seeking for a good-looking man to marry lists her requirements, says he must know how to cook

A Nigerian lady, Salewa, who is seeking for a good-looking Christian man to marry has listed her requirements.

“I’m looking for a good-looking Christian boy to marry Must – Love ironing -Be able to sleep with the lights off -Live in Nigeria (NOT Lagos) – Know how to cook -Must have a good job -Must be funny -Must be clean& love doing chores -Must have the fear of God -Must not be married,” she wrote via Twitter on July 18, 2023. 

“Edo boys may get preferential treatment during the selection process But pls all tribes can apply. God bless,” she added.

Reactions below…

Moneybank: Can you imagine, abeg remain single because if you eventually got married it won’t last.

Alme: Those are the things that makes you stay single all this years

Danny: If she has money to take care of Me, I no mind o. Buy me a car, buy me nice clothes and gifts ,take me overseas trip and monthly allowance.

Zir-D: Dis madam is looking for a HOUSEBOY….not husband

Xender: One of the biggest problems with women of today, they fail to realize that they are a rapidly depreciating liability. This is how they end up at mountain of fire ministry at 35, after wasting their youthful, fertile and nurturing years thinking they are the prize.

Mike Mbonuike: What are you looking for exactly?, husband or a handyman? The two are not the same if you must know.

Tony’drac: what are you bringing to the table? tell us your job if you have a good job also.

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