Nigerian man celebrates birthday with bread, butter, and Akara

A Nigerian man who doesn’t like cake is causing a stir as he celebrates his birthday with bread, butter, and Akara.

A video circulating on social media depicts the celebration, drawing thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

In the video, captioned ‘he doesn’t like cake so he’ll manage this one,’ a delectable loaf of bread sits on the table, adorned with custom words spelling out “Happy birthday” above it.

The words also feature a small candle, which the man blows out in celebration.

Additional scenes reveal the cake the man used to commemorate his special day, despite his aversion to cakes.

As the video spread online, concerned individuals flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

GamingSucc: “I always thought this was a Nigerian song but it’s French I think.”

Chimmy: “Omggg😭 first time I’m seeing someone that doesn’t like cake just like me! Happy birthday to him.”

Dera: “If someone can give this to me,i’ll be more than happy.”

StylesbyBelle: “To be loved is to be known abu wetin dem Dey talk.”

precious: “Na boy wey calm down I go do this lavish birthday for.”

faven121: “i didn’t even notice at first what.”

Mofiyinfoluwa S: “Loving your partner in their love language and doing what they love.”

Abidacosta: “I’ll love whoever give me so much akara with that type of agege bread forever…. He is lucky.”



he doesnt like cake so he’ll manage this one

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