Nigerian lady raises fish for over 4 months, shows bountiful harvest with some weighing 1.4kg (Video)

A young lady, known by her handle @eziblize on social media, has struck gold with her fish farming venture.

Over a period of four months and five days, her diligent efforts have resulted in a bountiful harvest, leaving her not only financially fulfilled but also eager to share her experiences with others.

The enthusiastic entrepreneur with Tiktok @eziblize has emerged as an advocate for professional guidance in the field of fish farming.

Rejoicing over how big her fish grew, the lady said she would have let them grow some more if not that she needed cash.

Her journey from fishpond to cashing out with a substantial yield has captivated the online community and offered a glimpse into the potential of this agribusiness sector.

In her viral TikTok video, @eziblize showcases multiple ponds brimming with thriving fish. Her pride is palpable as she films herself.

Netizens Reactions…
@shadey747 said; “Just lost a whole lot of money recently, the fishes didn’t pass 500g n even less at 6months,lost more than 500k, oh how I cried!”

@Esther Bella 555 said; “I keep seeing fish in my fyp what is going on… nice dear.”

@PRETTYBOY MUY said; “Fishes aside, you are pretty.”

@joey_kwarten said; “The face you have when money is coming.”

@Georgekonel asked: “What feed is the best to use?”

@user5106829341027 said; “Good job dear, more grace.”

@Roni stamina said; “I really love fish farming. I wld love to learn more about it.”

@Adeolut said; “Hello please I need help selling, who do I employ.”

@God alone said; “Please how old are these?want to kn9w the actual time for harvest.”

@Chibulin asked; “How much can I start this business with?”

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Day 1 of my bountiful harvest. Please, if you don’t know how to sell your fish, employ the services of those who know it. This fish is exactly 4 months and 5 days old, and I have most of the at 1.4kg. Would have kept it longer than this but I needed 😉😉 cash for my new project. Stay tuned guys.. #HAPPYMUM #FISHFARMING #AQUA #FISHFARM #LIFEOFAFARMER #CATFISHING #CapCut

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