My wife is submissive and respectful despite being older than me. In 60 years we’ve been together, there hasn’t been any quarrel – 80-year-old retired Customs officer

A retired Assistant Comptroller General of Customs in the Nigeria Customs Service, Venerable Samuel Ope, has revealed that his wife is submissive despite being older than him.

Ope, an archdeacon in the Diocese of Lagos, Anglican Communion, who turned 80, recently disclosed this in an interview with the Punch. 

“We never discussed age. We already got married before I asked her about her age and she told me she was born in 1941 and I was born in 1943. I couldn’t believe it because she was so submissive up till today. I was guided by the Holy Spirit and she’s been a fantastic woman. She washes my clothes up till today and out of respect, she chose that. She took it upon herself to wash my clothes, even when she was sick. She is respectful and doesn’t want to do anything that will make me annoyed,” he said. 

“In the almost 60 years that we’ve been together, there hasn’t been any quarrel called for a third party to settle it. When any of us does something wrong, we know how to talk to each other politely. Sometimes, she can be too shy to tell me because she can’t look me in the face, so she would write her thoughts in a note, stating what I did wrong and we discussed it. All the children we have now are healthy. It is a marriage ordained by God.”

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