“My wife is lazy” – Man causes buzz online as he showcases series of work his wife makes him do at home

A married Nigerian man has caused a buzz online as he showcases the series of works his alleged lazy wife makes him do at home.

The videos, which have gone viral, feature the man actively participating in domestic tasks, ultimately revealing his love for what he’s doing.

The viral video, which amassed over 143,000 views at the time of this report, was shared with the caption:

The video features various scenes, each more heartwarming than the last.

In one, the man is seen meticulously ironing clothes on a table in the living room.

In the next scene, he lovingly tends to his daughter’s hair, showcasing his skills as a caring father.

The final frame captures the man sweeping the floor. The series of videos has captured the hearts of many viewers online.

Many women on TikTok have praised the man for his active role in domestic life, and some have even dubbed him a “role model” for other husbands.

Nigerian husband showcases his domestic duties at home
In another clip, the man revealed that his wife recently welcomed their second child.

It is not clear if his labeling her as “lazy” was intended as a joke; however, what is certain is that the man thoroughly enjoyed the tasks he was performing.

Netizens Reactions…
@Diana Faith said; “You are not lazy..he is a grown man with limbs that work he can clearly do something around the house!”

@user7795510374440 said: “She has done the difficult part of pregnancy, childbirth & taking care of an infant… finish the rest.”

@HAMEENAH said; “God bless you future husband ooo come and learn ooo.”

@Keenah25 said; “But na she record you. That means she’s not lazy.”

@Aaishaa said; “She’s not lazy, she’s keeping her energy for something big.”

@Cynthia Indopwana said; “My husband can not even take the plates to the sink after eating,but I love him anyways.”

@Queen Steph said; “Na me be this o.my laziness too much.”

@Kyla said; “Once this video reach insta blog it’s Over for ur wife them go drag her for comment section like generator.”

See below;


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