“My sister’s husband wants to send me to UK after I caught him cheating” – 18-year-old girl seeks advice

An 18-year-old Nigerian girl has taken to social media to seek advice after she caught her sister’s husband cheating on her sister and offered to relocate her to the UK.

The young lady, whose identity remains undisclosed, initially stumbled upon her own sister’s infidelity and was reportedly given N5 million to keep silent about the affair.

However, the weight of guilt began to haunt her, and unable to find sleep, she decided to disclose the truth to her sister’s husband.

Shockingly, she discovered that her sister’s husband was cheating too.

The husband, in a bid to maintain secrecy, pleaded with the young lady and also offered to facilitate her relocation to the United Kingdom.

Now facing conflicting offers from both parties involved, the 18-year-old took to social media seeking advice from the public on whether she should disclose the truth to her parents.

In her words;

“I caught my sister cheating on her husband and collected 5m as shut up money, but I couldn’t sleep for a week. Then I went to tell her husband what I saw last week; I caught him with another woman. He’s willing to send me to the UK for study. I’m 18; should I tell my parents?”

See below;

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