“My husband” – Angel Smith reveals she’s off the market as she gushes over Soma

Recently, one particular love story has been capturing the hearts of fans and the imagination of the internet. It’s the love story of Angel and Soma, two former contestants from Big Brother Nigerian All Stars.

Their recent Instagram exchange has sent excitement across the web, where Angel proudly referred to Soma as her husband, leaving fans in a frenzy and sparking rumors that their love story might be more than just a reality TV fling.

Let’s recall that while they were inside the Big Brother house, they had crafted one of the most defining love stories in the history of the show.

Both Angel and Soma had entered the house with partners waiting outside. However, as the show progressed, their bond grew stronger. When they left the house, in interviews, they revealed that they were focusing solely on each other. This commitment to one another was a testament to the authenticity of their connection. They weren’t just playing for the cameras; they were playing for keeps.

Soma had also declared in another interview that he would choose Angel over the prize money, even if he were to return to the Big Brother house. For him, Angel was way more valuable than the 120 million naira that was at stake.

The doubters, of course, had their say. Some netizens, as well as fellow housemates, warned Soma that Angel might break his heart. They mentioned her temperament, which they believed could drive him crazy. Despite these concerns, Soma remains resolute in his commitment to Angel, stating that he believed he understood her better than anyone else.

The unfolding story of Angel and Soma has drawn comparisons to another celebrated Big Brother couple, Teddy A and Bam Bam. Initially, skeptics doubted the authenticity of their love story as well. However, they proved the cynics wrong by not only sustaining their love but also sealing the deal with marriage.

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