Most hit songs in Nigeria are not good music – Singer Ric Hassani (Video)

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, popularly known as Ric Hassani, has shared his opinions about hit ‘Afrobeat’ songs.

During his recent interview with Channels TV ‘Rubbin minds with Ebuka, Ric Hassani, known for his soulful voice, stated that hit music nowadays has lost its quality.

According to the ‘Thunder fire you’ crooner, Afrobeat music has dropped drastically over the years.

Ric revealed that hit songs in the past years are of good quality unlike recent songs, tagging them as ‘not good music’

In his words, “Afrobeats is Nigerian music. Our guys are top 10 and I feel like because of that the quality of music might stop dropping because more people want to get in. So the quality is really dropping.”

“Back in the days, hit songs were serious music but now almost anybody is just coming in. Most of the hit songs in Nigeria now are not very good music. Back in the days it wasn’t like this. I feel like because we have been number one for so long, everybody is just dropping whatever they like and throwing money behind it.”

Watch the video below:

Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

billy_of_asia said, “Coming from someone that sang ‘’Thuunder fire u” 🤣🤣🤣”.

nigeriangirl___ said, “Truth. Nigerian songs are just vibes. It’s only Burna Boy that does music for me.”

dapzin28 said, “No other albums has beaten twice as tall by burna boy since it was dropped.”

olaburnagram1 said, “Only BURNABOY songs hit different ❤🔥”.

dekinggideon said, “When you talk about good songs lyrically, then call Burna 🔥”.

vigra_inc said, “When Burnaboy said NO SUBSTANCE, 🔥 everything coming out on REAL TIME now.”

dayocyrus said, “Music is art. No art is better than another. Saying one art is better than another is like saying , you have the right to express yourself more than another person. I have attended art exhibitions and seen some paintings which some would call rubbish being sold for millions. That doesn’t stop others from buying the detailed and well-painted artworks. So sing your own, let others sing their own and let the people choose what to listen to.🤍”

beatzbyjava said, “There is nothing called bad music!! It’s a work of art!!! You will always have your audience!!!”

real_onuh said, “If na shallipopi no worry 😂😂 na very good music”.

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