“Moses Bliss is a finished man” – Nigerian lady who travelled to Ghana for singer’s wedding shares experience

A lady @diaryofa9jagirl who travelled to Ghana for the wedding of Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn, has shared her experience on social media.

The lady took to her Twitter page to share her observations on the cultural nuances and hospitality she experienced during her stay in the Ghanaian capital.

The ceremony, which drew a host of celebrities and well-wishers, left a lasting impression on @diaryofa9jagirl.

@diaryofa9jagirl, who described her visit as her second time in Accra, expressed her admiration for the serene ambiance of the Ghanaian capital.

She noted the absence of noise pollution, pointing out the stark difference from the streets of Nigeria.

One of the most striking observations she made was the warm and courteous nature of Ghanaians.

In her narrative, she marvelled at the genuine smiles and hospitable greetings exchanged by the locals.

“Let me give you an update about my trip to Accra to attend Moses Bliss’ wedding. Nothing much to say about the couple except that Moses Bliss is a finished man and it is wonderful to behold.

“I would like to address the DANG Community, Ghana chapter to ri pe, you people need to be addressed specially.

“First of all, let me just say that this is my second trip to Accra, the first time was a quick one for work so my mind wasn’t tuned to my environment sugbonnnn this time, I looked around a bit and I love Accra.

“No noise pollution, so much sanity, the quietness scared me a little…

2Listen, you people n Accra fit greet dead body and it will wake up.

“Ah! “hiiii,” “good afternoonnnnn,” hia and dia.

2It’s not just greeting alone o, it comes with a wide smile. It’s not something I’m used to in Nigeria but continue please….

Netizens Reactions…
@AgamahSackitey said; “I like how you draw the parallels and compare the two countries. Naija is big boisterous and ‘wild’ for a reason but trust me I like Naija and I look forward to going there someday.”

@symply_bennie said; “Another angle could be they are not used to night parties, it’s possible that usually Ghanians end their events by 5:30pm, maybe that’s why they started going home when the DJ said, the dance floor is open.”

@SailorRome said; “Gerarahia my friend. So how does this tale lead to Moses Bliss being a finished man . Was even expecting something else.”

@kekelitus said; “All you said is very apt of Ghanaians and we thank you for the kind words. For the wedding one nu if you don’t have crews this will happen and you have to get a DJ who loves jams. I was at a wedding in a hotel so they sacked us as 12am but DJ Dela spoil der give we till 12.”

@OnassisHahn said; “It is almost as if we traded a sane society and proper infrastructure just to be able to live FREE. “No matter where a Nigerian finds himself, despite being in a functioning society, he will always miss home. “Worse if one is born and bred in Lagos.”

@mants3_kobby said; “Ghanaians love to party hard but for weddings depending on the time it starts depends on the time the attendees depart. If the wedding starts at 12:00pm by 5:30 or 6 everyone will surely depart.The meekness in our society I will agree with you. We’re slow but sure and not loud.”

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