Mike Bamiloye advises couples not to build their marriage foundation on lies and deceits as he reveals the implications

Founder and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Pastor Mike Bamiloye, shared a message with the public in a recent post on Facebook.

While speaking on the topic, “When Our Enemies Are Anointed Against Us.” The man of God cautioned couples against keeping information from each other in their homes, as this could give the enemies an opportunity to attack their marriage.

He said, “When a couple has refused to open up to each other, and each of them has strong secrets they are concealing from each other, and there are no-go areas of their lives inaccessible to each other, and the wife cannot freely look into the text messages or email box or pick up the phone of her husband, and the wife hides her phone from her husband, etc., When a marriage is built on the foundations of lies and deceits, then the door of the marriage is opened to various demonic attacks and spiritual oppositions.”

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