‘Men go through a lot too in marriage’ – Man says, reveals what his wife does to him

A married man is trending on Facebook after he made a case for the Anambra man who strangled his pregnant wife to death because she delayed in opening the gate for him when he returned home. 

Ikechukwu Obiora married Ebere Uzuegbunam in August 2022 and strangled her to death on March 2, 2023, just 6 months after their wedding. READ HERE.

Reacting to the death of Ebere, a Facebook user named Ikpeazu Chinedu Bright said the husband probably never knew that grabbing her around the neck would kill her. 

Chinedu added that women need to be advised to focus in their marriages so as not to push their husbands to harm them. 

He used his own marriage as an example. He explained that his wife is regularly on her phone, even when cooking, and if such keeps happening, one might lose temper one day and slap her and then he will be called a beast. 

He said that he opened a shop for his wife and told her to close by 5pm so she can have his food ready by the time he returns from work, yet she’s sometimes still cooking by 8pm because she’s on her phone.

“Men go through a lot,” he concluded in his post. 

When other Facebook users disagreed with his comment, he doubled down and continued to insist many women are to blame for the violence they experience in their marriage.


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