Marriage is not an achievement, finding the RIGHT partner is the achievement – Mary Remmy Njoku

Popular actress, Mary Remmy Njoku pens an open letter to married women worldwide as she speaks on why marriage isn’t an achievement.

She took to her Instagram page to chide married women who consider marriage as an achievement and pressure others to also get married.

Remmy Njoku stated that marriage isn’t what can be considered an achievement, but the marrying of the right partner.

She maintained that people must be allowed to take their time to choose the right partner and not placing them under pressure to get married.

She wrote:

“Dear married women

Enough!!! Marriage is not an achievement. Finding the RIGHT partner is. Give them space to make one of the biggest decisions of their. Lives. Let them find GOOD partners in peace. Haba!

Over 60% of couples CLAIM happiness often due to societal expectations Na so una push Ifeoma, she go marry Nonsense Every weekend na hospital appointment for blacke eye, and spiritual warfare against physical side chicks. Yet she sef dey troll single girls for SM.

Rest Biko . Focus on the Economy! And Let the singles BREATHE”

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