Man whose passport went missing after getting French visa finds out it was hidden by his girlfriend (Video)

A Nigerian man preparing to travel abroad got a visa from the French embassy, but his passport got missing before his departure date and it led to a series of panics.

The story was shared during service in church and it was revealed that his girlfriend is the person that hid his international passport.

The lady was exposed by Pastor Chris Okafor, who informed the man that his passport has been with his fiancee since.

The affected man narrated how he sold his land to be able to get the flight tickets, however, the passport went missing whe he was set to leave Nigeria.

He obtained a French visa which was meant to expire in three days, but since he could not locate the passport, his fiancee helped him to search it..

She also took her man to different churches in Edo, Abuja and Lagos as well as native doctor in a bid to seek spiritual solution, but unbeknownst to him, the passport was in her possession all the while.

When Pastor Okafor exposed her evil deed, the man pounced on her and wanted to start beating her if not for the intervention of men in church.

Watch the video below:

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