Man files for divorce after his wife who he trained in school and opened a business for insisted on not contributing financially to their home

A Nigerian man filed for divorce from his wife after she refused to contribute financially to the running of their home.

Sharing the story on X, a Nigerian man said the man put his wife through Nursing school and when he changed jobs from the Banking sector to the Oil and Gas sector, he opened a business for his wife because she refused to be a seat at home wife.

The X user stated that trouble started when the wife refused to contribute financially towards the upkeep of their home, insisting that her husband shouldn’t have married her knowing he wouldn’t be able to take care of her.

The X user said the Nigerian man felt cheated and began gathering assets without the knowledge of his wife. He said the man left his oil company in 2018 and three months after, filed for divorce from his wife. When asked why he filed for divorce, the aggrieved husband said he had been living with a woman who saw him as a ticket and not a partner .

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