Makeup artist recalls home service client who turned her to a chef

A makeup artist shares her unpleasant experience with a client who demanded home service but constantly asked her to cook for her family.

She shared the story with some of her followers on her Tiktok account, @tuyo_beauty.

The beautician narrated that when she was just starting out in her business, she had a matured client who took advantage of her naivety.

She was only 18 when the client would ask her to come to her place and make her up, mostly on Sundays.

Upon arriving at the house, the woman would not be dressed and ready for the makeup service. Instead, she would plead with the girl to assist her in cooking rice for her family.

She always used to agree with doing the chores, trying to be humble in order to keep her client.

However, she realized she was being exploited and decided to refuse the woman’s patronage altogether.

Especially as the woman was not paying too much for her services.

Watch the video here


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