‘LP took us unaware in the last election and we must not allow a repeat of such calamity’ – APC Chieftain

Few moments ago, All Progressive Congress, APC Chieftain, Biodun Ajiboye revealed ahead of the forthcoming Gubernatorial Elections that the party are trying as much as possible to avoid the repeatation of what happened in the last Presidential Election.

During a recent interview on Arise Television, Biodun Ajiboye revealed that Peter Obi’s victory in Lagos State in the last Presidential Election took them unaware and they now know what to do to prevent the repeatation of that in the forthcoming Gubernatorial Elections.

He further stressed that people do not understand the enormity of what it would be for Labour Party to win in Lagos State.

“In his Words”

“We were caught unaware to a large extend, it was an insurgence upon our political stability and fortress. Labour Party actually came without us expecting, now that they have done it, we are now very much awake and we now know what to do to avoid the repeatation of such calamity”, Biodun Ajiboye said and it stirred massive reactions from the general public.

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