“Let’s meet at 2 am” – Kanayo Kanayo replies Portable after he declared himself the new Kanayo

Nollywood actor, Kanayo Kanayo has set an appointment date for singer, Portable after he declared his interest to take over his ritual crowns from him.

Tontrends reported that Portable had declared himself the new Kanayo Kanayo while wrongfully advising the public on the need to engage in diabolic means to gain wealth.

Over the cause of his career, Kanayo has become well known for his money ritual movie roles.

In a post on his Instagram page, Portable revealed that he is a ritualist and claimed to be the new Kanayo Kanayo.

Giving the wrong advice, he opined that it’s better to do ritual since death is inevitable.

Reacting to it, Kanayo set an appointment with the singer asking him to meet him at a deadly hour.

“My brother Zazuu, let’s meet at 2 am”.

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Kanayo Kanayo speaks on his night sacrifice

Recall that Kanayo Kanayo had spoken about his night sacrifices in movies that had become a social media meme.

In a short clip that captured his chat with Chude Jideonwo, Kanayo Kanayo disclosed that he is not involved in any sacrifice, and that the only thing he knows is Jesus.

The veteran actor who is one of the highly respected Nollywood actors claimed he will continue with the night sacrifices as long as they put money in his account.

While responding to his junior colleague, Alex Ekubo, the talented role interpreter told the actor that he had sacrificed his today for his tomorrow.

Kanayo noted how there is no shortcut to success, accomplishment, or good life without hard work and sacrifice.

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