Lege Miami calls out Pastor Adeboye over inability of his church members to attend his university

Online personality, Lege Miami, criticizes Pastor Adeboye for not making his university affordable for his church members despite “building” it with their offerings and tithes.

The self-acclaimed voice of the youths has received so much backlash for calling out the man of God.

He apologized for his statement but insisted that it must be said.

Lege Miami claimed that a young boy had reached to him because he was unable to pay his school fees and when asked the church he attends, the boy revealed he is a Redeemite.

The matchmaker believes it was quite unfair that people who contribute the most to the building of the school are not privileged to be students.

He suggested that the church members should attend for free and the money donated should be used to maintain the school.

Here are some reactions to the video

mrrbrainz wrote: “Mumu man. God will punish you. God and tell your government to build free education for you. Don’t bring curse upon yourself. That’s a private university, if you can’t afford it, go to the one you can afford.”

mcpaapcomedian01 agreed: “Big fact ❤️ Bishop Oyedepo School is no go area for the POOr and they all own a PJ 😂”

mudianiel asked: “How will they sustain the school if its free? How will they buy/ update teaching equipments, pay staffs and good lecturers? I am sure the school offers scholarships but how many can they offer?”

laurafreshness202 said: “Collect tithe money, donations n offerings build expensive schools that non church goers will attend cos the school fees is not cheap😂”

Watch the video here….

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