Lawyer beats up wife until she bleeds during argument over key in Akwa Ibom (video)

A lawyer identified simply as Mr Ebong, beat up his wife during an argument over a key.

The man brutalised his wife until he broke her mouth and she started bleeding.

“Give me the key,” he kept saying as he attacked the woman.

It took the intervention of neighbours to stop him from further attacking her.

A video shared online shows the lawyer standing over his wife as she lay on the floor. Blood covered the front of her shirt and some of her blood pooled on the floor.

Neighbours are heard saying that he has been abusing his wife for over 4 years.

A voice is heard saying: “Since when I was living up here, every night he’ll be beating this woman. You no get shame? What kind of lawyer are you?

“No be today. I’ve lived in this compound for four years. When I was living there, every night, he’ll be beating this woman.”

They confronted him for his actions but he got angry at them for interfering and dared one of the men to house his wife.

The husband told the neighbour: “If she’s a woman, let her sleep in your house. If she sleeps in your house. If she sleeps there.”

“You want to take her to your house. Take her to your house,” the husband said threateningly.

The neighbour responded angrily, saying: “You have been doing this thing for over 4 years now. Today will be your last. I’m telling you.”

The neighbour then threatened to hit the husband with a stick (pako).

The neighbour said: “Pako, sir, pako, your life. If you try anything, your life. What’s wrong with you?”

Watch the video below.

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