Lady who tattooed boyfriend’s name on her arm replaces it after being dumped (Video)

A young lady who tattooed her boyfriend’s name recently suffered heartbreak and decided to remove every everything that reminds her of him.

She visited a tattoo parlour and requested that a new tattoo be used to replace her boyfriend’s name ‘Derrick’ which she inked on her arm.

The artist superimposed angel’s wing and cross tattoo on the Derrick ink and by the time he was done, the name was complete erased as though it was never there.

A video which surfaced on the internet captures when the tattooing procedure was taking place in the parlour.

See the clip below:

In reaction, IG user, princess_is_royalty1 wrote; The tattoo is dope! 🔥

sweetlife_gramm; No more Derrick. Shey you’re happy now?

______ariike; The Artist did a good job 👍

kwueenie; The love wey go make me write person name for my body? I never see am.

adelakuntufayl; Now she has wings to fly from that relationship to another relationship 😂😂

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