Lady spots funny spelling mistakes in restaurant’s menu, Nigerians reacts (Video)

A Nigerian lady shared a video of her visit to a restaurant that turned into an unexpected comedy show as she and her friend stumbled upon a menu filled with side-splitting spelling errors.

The incident, captured on TikTok by user @maryloise916, quickly went viral, leaving viewers in stitches.

“I no fit chop for here, person fit order rice make dem go bring pepper soup”

“In the now-viral TikTok video, @maryloise916 and her friend had planned to dine out at an undisclosed restaurant, only to find themselves engrossed in the menu’s peculiar spelling errors.

They hilariously dissected the menu, bringing endless laughter to their viewers.

Among the many comical errors, the menu featured “assaulted pepper soup” instead of the intended “assorted pepper soup.”

Another standout mistake was “supagetin” in place of “spaghetti.”

“I no fit chop for here, person fit order rice make dem go bring pepper soup”
Fried rice was listed as “French rice,” and macaroni appeared as “macromie.”

Perhaps the most unforgettable of all was the transformation of “shrimps” into “shrims” on the menu.

While @maryloise916 and her friend found the menu’s mistakes hilarious, they couldn’t help but question whether they should place an order given the remarkable spelling errors.

The video concluded without revealing the name or location of the restaurant.

Netizens Reactions…
@Comfy said: “The meat was probably beaten to death.”

@Ese Of The Good Life commented: “Who assault the peppersoup na.”

@Kelechi Chibundu said: “The people wey print am sef. Why dem no correct am na?”

@Fashionstyles commented; “You pronounce am abi you nor pronounce am?”

@CeeCee said; “French fried and assaulted.”

@Adel commented; “Dem don show shege to our pepper soup.”

@T€XÄ$__ said; “Omo he meant to say they assaulted the meat while it was alive. Justice for the meat.”

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