“Ladies, marriage is not a means to “blow” hard work is, money is freedom so start saving from today” – Joro Olumofin

Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has sent a message to ladies intending to marry this year.

According to him, ladies without at least N5 million in their bank accounts should not talk about getting marriage.

He argued such ladies have no business with marriage at that point because they’d only end up sad and depressed.

“Anytime I say this a lot of ladies get angry. If you don’t have N5,000,000/$6,500 in your bank account you should not be thinking about a man or marriage.

“A lot of women are sad, depressed and stuck in bad relationships because they don’t have “vex money,” he said.

He scolded ladies that perceive marriage as a means to upgrade their financial status.

“Some Ladies think they will “Blow” in marriage.

“Ladies, marriage is not a means to “blow”. Hard work is,” he said.

Addressing men who’d rather have dependent stay-at-home wives, Olumofin stated: “A lot of men don’t want their wives to have their own money. Most men want stay at home wives and broke wives so they can do and undo.”

He stressed on the importance of financial freedom in marriages particularly for women noting it was better to have what he tagged ‘vex’ money else they’d always have to endure a lot from their partners.

Finally, for women who married without the specified sum, Olumofin urged them to commence saving or bask in the prison they call marriage.

“Money is freedom. The same way you need vex money on dates is the same way you should have “vex” money in marriage.

“If you’re already and you don’t have N5,000,000/ $6,500, start saving from today or enjoy your prison term”, he added.

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