“I’ve done 3some with a black and white race” – Singer Ruger reveals

In a recent development, singer Ruger has shared a particular sexual conquest of his that he has cinched in his bedpost. 

In a 2012 interview with Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe, he had revealed that while he had not tried every aspect of sex like an orgy, he had been involved in a threesome before. 

He further revealed that the threesome had involved two girls, a black girl and a white girl. 

He further went on to disclose that he was at a point in his life when he was actively seeking for love and did not want to be toxic anymore. He revealed that he was open to finding love and also open to nurturing it. 

A few minutes ago, Tontrends had reported thatactivist Very Dark Man had carpeted reality TV star Tolani Baj and media personality Moet Abebe over their statement about their relationship. 

He had revealed that no man would ever want to be with somebody like them because of their behaviours. He also groups them with reality TV star Queen as he continues to troll and drag Queen for her decision to get married to another man even after being a baby mama. 

Back in February of 2024, Ruger had taken a particular note of warning to a certain somebody. Taking to his story, he had revealed that he promises anybody that decides to include themselves in his business hell. 

In his words, he stated, “If I ever hear that you go behind me to include yourself in my business again or go behind me to take what is mine, I promise you hell.”

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