“It’s easier to find another wife than to find another mother, cherish your wives but don’t let her turn you against your mother” – Reno Omokri

In a recent post, Reno Omokri shared a thought-provoking message about the importance of valuing and cherishing one’s wife.

According to Omokri, finding another wife may be relatively easy, but finding another mother is an entirely different story. Therefore, he encourages men to treasure their wives as if they were their own life.

Omokri emphasizes the significance of sharing the fruits of one’s labor and wealth with one’s wife. He urges men to be loyal and devoted to their wives, treating them like royalty. However, Omokri also cautions against blindly choosing one’s wife over one’s mother. He believes that when faced with such a difficult decision, it is essential to prioritize the one who gave you life, rather than someone who provides intimate companionship. In his own words he said,

“It is easier to find another wife than to find another mother. So, cherish your wife like she is your life. Do not let your mother bother your lover. Let your wife enjoy your sweat and your wealth. Let your loyalty to her be like royalty. But the day she asks you to choose between her and your mother, jejely pick who gave you life, not who gives you bedroom advantage! When she comes to her senses, take her back. Because a son who can turn against his mother based on his wife’s say so is a man cutting his own right hand. Has your wife turned against her mother because of you? Can your wife even turn against her mum because of you? “.

Omokri concludes his post by raising thought-provoking questions. He challenges readers to reflect on whether their wives would turn against their own mothers because of them. This prompts individuals to consider the level of influence they have over their partners and the impact it has on family dynamics.

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