“It’s becoming scary” – Lady shares how pregnancy affected her eyes

A Nigerian lady has sparked reactions online as she reveals how pregnancy caused weird growths in and around her eyes in a video.

In the video, the lady showed how pregnancy impacted her eyes while stating that other women are fortunate that it simply ruined their skin.

She displayed the growths inside her eyelids, one of which had significantly expanded. She further revealed that it began while she was just one month along with her pregnancy.

When she went to the hospital, doctors determined that it was because of her pregnancy, which is now 36 weeks gone, and that she would need to have surgery after giving birth.

Check out some netizens reactions below:

MickyD stated: “Women are strong AF, after going through all these they still want to birth another child?”

GeneralLADO said: “And some men be acting like anyone would purposely want to be “dirty and unkempt” during pregnancy. It’s worth having 30 mother’s days per year truly.”

Nma noted: “To get belle come dey fear person😭”

YourFavBaker wrote: “Pregnancy isn’t for the weak 🥺”


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