‘It pains me when people says my house and car were bought for me by a man’ – Ashmusy

Famous online comedian, Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy, has disclosed why she stopped wearing sexy, revealing outfits.

She stated that despite her successful career in content creation and advertisement, she was being judged for her skimpy dressing and people perceived her as a prostitvte, saying that it pained her when people says her house and car were bought for her by a man

Ashmusy made the revelation during a chat with reality TV star, Phyna on an episode of her podcast ‘Spill with Phyna’, noting that she often wondered why people thought she was selling her body to make money even though she was legitimately working hard.

The skit-maker said she rebranded few months ago after watching some of her throwback videos and seeing that her outfits were truly exposing her bossom.

She added that she came to the realisation that if she wants to be seen as a prestigious woman, she has to dress accordingly, instead of exposing parts of her body.

Ashmusy said; “Before I rebranded a few months ago, I used to wear sexy outfits. As a young girl, one would want to show one’s body. I did not know that I was being perceived as a prostitvte.

Meanwhile, I knew how much I was working behind the camera, running a business, and shooting adverts every day. With all of that, I was able to buy a car and house. It pained me when people insinuated that those things were bought for me by a man.

I was later in my quiet zone, thinking about why I was being judged that way, despite all my works that they people were seeing. I then started watching my videos, seeing that most times my body was exposed, with my nipples even showing.

I was being goofy, but I did not know that people had been looking at something else. I have realised that if one wants to be seen as a prestigious woman, one has to dress accordingly. One cannot be showing (sensitive) parts of one’s body.”

On why she constantly posts pictures and videos of her glamorous lifestyle on social media, the content creator said; “If you watch my hustle, you have to watch me enjoy. You will watch me while I sleep, swim and even eat.”

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