“It has reduced the rate of women getting a child outside marriage” – Actress, Christabel Egbenya reveals why she advised married couples to do DNA test

The Nollywood actress Christabel Egbenya has stirred reactions after stating some sensitive opinions on her YouTube channel.

The actress in one of her recent YouTube post had advised couples with kids to go for DNA test.

This has stirred alot of reactions as many feel she shouldn’t be making such statements.

However during a chat with with Potpourri, the actress explained why she made that statement.

She said : DNA has really helped a lot of men and women to know if the child they have at home is actually their own or not. Again most people have opened up to their partners in respect to a child who is not their own biologically. All this is in a bid to avoid public embarrassment and also disappointment from their partners.

“Furthermore, it has reduced the rate of women getting a child outside marriage, because many women these days are scared of having babies outside their home because one thing or the other might implicate them“. She added.

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