It feels like being strangled – Celine Dion speaks on her illness

Celine Dion, the world-famous and highly beloved veteran Canadian singer, has opened up about her struggles with Stiff Person Syndrome syndrome and how it affected her health.

In an interview with NBC News, the 56-year-old singer stated that she feels like she’s “being strangled.”

Dion explained that she often suffers from cramps and even broken some ribs.

“It’s like somebody is strangling you. It’s like somebody is pushing your larynx/pharynx. It was like talking like that, and you cannot go high or lower,” she said.

It feels like, if I point my feet, they will stay in (that position). Or, if I cook – because I love to cook – my fingers, my hands, will get in position … It’s cramping but it’s like in a position where you cannot unlock them.

“I have broken ribs at one point because sometimes when its very severe, it can break.”

Recall that Celine Dion was Stiff Person Syndrome syndrome, a rare neurological disease in 2022.

The singer said she initially tried to cope with the symptoms, before accepting that her life was destined to change.

She added that she is now learning how to live with and manage it, “but not to let it define me.”

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