Israel was aware of Hamas’ attack plan over a year ago, new report claims

Israeli officials obtained a document describing Hamas’ battle plan for its October 7 terror attack more than a year before the militant group carried out the assault, a new report by the New York Times reported on Thursday, November 30, citing documents, emails and interviews.


The almost 40-page document did not give a date for the attack but outlined “point by point” the kind of deadly incursion that Hamas carried out in Israeli territory in October, according to the Times, which reviewed the translated document.


The document, which the Israeli authorities code-named “Jericho Wall,” detailed an assault that would overwhelm fortifications around the Gaza Strip, take over Israeli cities and target key military bases. The plan was followed with precision by Hamas on October 7, the Times said.


The report added that Israeli military and intelligence officials dismissed the plan, assessing that it would be too difficult for Hamas to carry out.


On October 7, much to the surprise of Israel and the international community, Hamas militants struck across the border from Gaza in a coordinated assault taking more than 200 hostages and killing around 1,200 people – the largest such attack on Israel since the country’s founding in 1948.


Following the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received sharp public criticism after he accused security chiefs in a later-deleted social media post of failing to warn him about the impending attack.

“On the contrary, all the defense officials … assessed that Hamas was deterred,” Netanyahu wrote at the time.

According to the Times, the “Jericho Wall” document was circulated widely among Israeli military and intelligence leaders, but it was unclear whether Netanyahu or other top political leaders saw the document.

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