Israel-Hamas War: WHO urges Israel to withdraw evacuation order for hospitals

The World Health Organisation has urged Israel to withdraw its evacuation order for hospitals in northern Gaza.

“There are patients who are there that cannot simply be moved, many there are on mechanical ventilators.

“There are also newborns on incubators, people in unstable conditions, and it’s very difficult to move them,” WHO spokesman, Tarik Jašarević said on Monday.

He said the task was “almost impossible.”

“We are calling on Israel to reconsider this order,” Jašarević said.

So far, four trucks carrying surgical and dressing materials as well as medicines for chronic illnesses have been brought into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing, the spokesman said.

“But that is not nearly enough.”

More trucks are ready on the Egyptian side, but so far there are no security guarantees that the supplies can be brought in.

This comes after a blast at Gaza hospital ‘killed 500’ last week and left many others trapped under rubble.

Intelligence information revealed that the strike that hit al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City was a rocket misfired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists, the Israeli army has claimed.

But Hamas slammed Israel’s ‘proof’ over who is to blame for the deadly Gaza hospital bombing is an ‘outrageous lie’ despite the ‘’IDF producing proof they didn’t cause the blast.”

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