“Is there a rule that says only mums should do stuff like that?” – Man who did homework with his child shares observation

A father has taken to the social media platform X to share his observation after helping his daughter with her homework. 

He explained that in his daughter’s class group, he noticed he was the only father who helped his child with their homework.  The other kids were helped by their mothers. 

He then asked if the rule is that mothers are solely responsible for their children’s homework.

He wrote: “They asked kids in my daughter’s class to do a voice recording of Alphabet A-F sounds’ and send it to the class whatsapp group. 

“In a group that has 69 participants, I was the only male voice who did it for/with their kid. For literally every other kid, it was their mom’s voice asking as they responded. 

“Since yesterday, I’ve been wondering, is there like a rule that says only moms should do stuff like that? Am I doing too much? Or am I worried for nothing? Is taking kids through their homework the mom’s responsibility?”

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