Influencer explains why she doesn’t think Chioma won by marrying Davido

Media personality, Damizain sparks mixed reactions as she discusses why she doesn’t think Chioma won by marrying Davido.

It is no longer news that the singer is set to get married to his long-time girlfriend and baby mama, Chioma.

The media personality stated that Davido has a history of cheating and has cheated more than one, further tagging him as a ‘serial cheat’.

She alleged that Davido had had multiple babies with multiple women during the course of his relationship with Chioma.

Damizain blasted those saying that Chioma won by getting married to Davido, while remarking on the singer’s constant cheating.

Additionally, she chastises Chioma by saying that Chioma is about to put herself through a sad life all because of money and clout.

She captioned:

“Marriage is NOT a consolation prize for sticking by a man that disrespects your relationship time and time again. WAKE UP! Being picked (for marriage) to endure infidelity is not a win.”

Read some comments below:

adelakuntufayl wrote: “She said a lot and ended up saying nothing. If they are both genuinely happy with their choice, what exactly is your own business with their happiness? Some of you should just draw the line and learn to move on! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

wallpaperplace said: “Someone’s lifetime personal decision is now an issue of global concern 😃😃. Y’all need to focus on your lives.”

nene_george said: “Why is everyone suddenly disturbed about this wedding? If she didn’t win, how is that your problem? Is Chioma a member of your household? Aunty abeg pack one side. Chivido2024!!!!”

akinggraphics said: “Why does everyone all of a sudden start coming out with opinions now? God, internet is truly not a safe haven for relationship.”

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