I’m richer than everybody doing Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria – Frank Edwards (Video)

Ace Gospel singer, Frank Edwards has declared that his wealth surpasses that of every person who is actively into internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo) in Nigeria.

He made the declaration during an event while advising young people to desist from yahoo or yahoo plus because ‘it is not the way.’

In a viral video, he also stressed that his abundance of resources allows him to fulfill his desires and needs. Edwards compared and contrasted his lifestyle and properties with the unlawful and malevolent activities that Yahoo Boys engage in in a bid to make money

The ‘If Not For you’ singer further said that his riches stem from his faith and devotion, unline cyber fraudsters who seek wealth through illicit means, he maintains a clean and honorable path to prosperity.

He went on to say that one thing which distinguishes him from them is that he can comfortable support his family and friends with his earnings whereas, Yahoo Boys are unable to do so due to the questionable source of their wealth.

Watch the video below:

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