I’m receiving threats for speaking out about EFCC oppression – Skales

Musician Skales has recently come forward with allegations of receiving threats after speaking out about oppression by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The Nigerian artist claimed that he has been a victim of the EFCC’s unjust treatment and has shared his experiences on social media, which resulted in receiving anonymous threats to his safety.

The musician alleged that the agency’s highly armed agents broke into his home and falsely accused him of being a con artist.

He claimed they oppressed him in front of his wife and six-month-old baby, claiming he had a panic attack as a result.

The controversy erupted when Skales claimed on social media that EFCC personnel arrived at his house for what they referred to as a “routine check.”

This unexpected intrusion took place late at night, catching Skales and his family off guard.

He also claimed that his producer was hurt by the agents.

In a series of tweets, Skales described the traumatic incident.

The singer expressed his outrage, stating that the incident occurred shortly after he returned from an event and was attempting to put his child to sleep.

He also alleged that his property suffered damage during the encounter.

Skales didn’t mince words in his social media posts, directing harsh criticism at the EFCC.

He accused the agency of misconduct and vowed that those involved in the raid would never find success in their endeavors.

He claimed that EFCC officials used forceful tactics, including brandishing weapons, in front of his young daughter, wife, and household staff.

Skales vehemently asserted his innocence, emphasizing that he has never been involved in any criminal activities or fraud throughout his life.

Hours later, Skales took to his X handle , he cried out that his life was in danger as a result of his admission of his ordeal at the hands of EFCC agents.

The singer wrote:

“I was just threatened for speaking out now.”

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