“I’m not Naira Marley” – Naira Marley’s look alike cries out

A Tiktok user named Marleytey who bears an uncanny resemblance to Naira Marley has found himself at the center of a mistaken identity.

Ever since the heartbreaking loss of Mohbad, the online community has been buzzing with speculations and accusations, with some individuals pointing fingers at Naira Marley himself, insinuating that he might be connected to the tragic event.

The videos and information that have surfaced in recent days has only fueled these suspicions, leading to a relentless wave of online backlash directed at Naira Marley.

In the midst of this chaos, a man who happens to resemble Naira Marley has stepped forward to clear the air and set the record straight. He has chosen to debunk the rumors that he is, in fact, the famous Nigerian musician.

He expressed that he has been enduring the brunt of online attacks, with his social media accounts repeatedly reported by those convinced of his identity, despite his claims to the contrary.

The allegations and suspicions aimed towards Naira Marley has taken a toll on his online presence. As reported by Kemi Filani, his follower count has seen a noticeable decline. 
Once boasting of an impressive 7.5 million followers, it has now dropped to 6.9 million. His followers are set to continue dropping as more and more people massively unfollow him

The repercussions of this situation have also extended to those associated with Naira Marley and his music label, Marlian Records. Zinoleesky, a talented artist signed under Marlian Records, has also seen a dip in his follower count, indicating that the controversy has cast a shadow over the entire label.

Also, let’s recall , Sam Larry, a close aide to Naira Marley, has taken the step of deactivating his social media accounts in the midst of this turmoil, signaling the weight of the crisis and attacks he is facing.

It’s important to remember that when Mohbad was alive, he expressed concerns that if anything were to happen to him, Naira Marley and the entire Marlian Records should be held accountable.

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